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The horizontal screw belt mixer is composed of a u-shaped cylinder body, a mixing blade of the screw belt and a component drive. The spiral ribbon blade is usually made of two layers. When working, the outer spiral belt collects materials from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral belt transports materials from the center to both sides, forming convective mixing. The agitator can also be made into a paddle or added a flying knife to accommodate different materials. Canister cover can be made arch or fully open type, arch can bear pressure, fully open type is convenient to clean mechanical interior.

Working principle of screw belt mixer:

Horizontal ribbon mixer with efficient, fast, mixed material, under the stirring shaft spiral belt movement, make internal and external spiral belt turning on a wide range, the spiral belt material to on both sides of the movement, the outer spiral belt on both sides of the material by the inward movement, back and forth of material mixing, another part of the material under the spiral belt drive, along the axial radial motion, thus forming the convective circulation. As a result of the above - mentioned movement of stirring, materials in a short time to achieve a fast and uniform mixing effect.

Features of screw belt mixer:

Horizontal screw belt mixer is not affected by the size and density of particles under the feasibility factor. It also has a good mixing effect on viscous materials.

The smooth mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials. The addition of flying knife structure also plays the role of crushing.

Horizontal structure lower fuselage height, easy to install.

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